The Ultimate Hippie Fantasy

A group of hippies and surfers build a community of off-the-grid tree houses perched in a pristine forest on a beach in Hawaii.

A clothing-optional, pot-friendly, tree house village
started in 1969 and ended in flames eight years later.

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The Re-Making of the Film

John Wehrheim, Producer
Producer John Wehrheim

Robert C. Stone, Director
Director Robert C. Stone

New Photos & Footage! New Interviews!
Improved HD Cinematic Experience!

The original film, released in 2009, had a great subject, unforgettable characters and timeless ‘60s and ‘70s material; but we felt it missed some of the community’s richness and spirit, a spirit that lived on in so many of the Taylor Campers. For seven years after the completion of the original film, the campers sent us a steady stream of new material and ideas. So, we remade the movie with new film clips, photos, interviews and music, adding segments dedicated to surfing, founding the food coop, the first baby born and the Resident Doctor, a Vietnam Flight Surgeon.....